Triathlete, runner, cyclist or swimmer? Beginner or experienced? Looking for improvement or a specific performance?

ProEliteRunner offers you a personalized coaching for the various sport disciplines of triathlon; a training program that fits your entire sports profile. This adapted personal coaching will allow you to optimize your performances and to reach your personal goals.

triathlonYou wish to begin triathlon? You are trying to improve yourself on a specific discipline? You have a great aspiration to realize a certain performance as to finish your first triathlon or the qualification for Hawaii?

Whatever is your level or your needs, ProEliteRunner provides you with a complete coaching for triathlon or each of the disciplines of triathlon. This coaching is based on the complete personalization of your physical, technical and mental training. ProEliteRunner will offer you an adapted personal coaching which will aim at optimizing your performances and reaching your goals.

triathlonA questionnaire will be proposed to take into account your entire sports profile. It will help to develop your personalized training program which will aim at optimizing your performances and reaching your goals according to your availability.

triathlonAfter the analysis of your answers to our questionnaire ProEliteRunner will establish your training program. You will benefit from the beginning of your subscription of a personalized follow-up. The coach will stay at your disposal by e-mail to answer any of your questions, to clearly analyze your sessions of training and, if needed, to straighten them.

Coaching Triathlon

Coaching Triathlon Ironman

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Coaching Triathlon

Coaching Triathlon 70.3/Olympic

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Coaching triathlon bike

Coaching Bike

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Coaching triathlon running

Coaching Run

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Coaching Swim

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  1. For a triathlete or endurance athlete of any level.
  2. For one or several disciplines (triathlon, swimming, bike, running)
  3. To get to know your real needs
  4. To optimize your performances
  5. To allow you to reach your goals
  6. With a follow-up insured throughout your subscription