Coaching triathlon bike
Coaching triathlon running

Ready to improve your performances? To optimize your movements? To decrease your risk of injury?

The video analysis is the best way to progress technically!

An analysis of your food habits can also help you to maximize your chances too succeed!

VIDEO: thanks to cameras, smartphones, Go Pro, you can film or be filmed while you’re training. The analysis and advices of ProEliteRunner will allow you to become aware of your movements in order to optimize them and win in efficiency. You can then improve your performances and decrease the risk of injuries.

DIETETICS: a sportsman could not be successful without a balanced diet appropriate to his/her physical activity. ProeliteRunner offers you an analysis of your food habits and advice to optimize your nutritional contributions according to your rhythm of life and your training program.

VIDEO: ProEliteRunner will give you advice and tricks to film yourself or make you film in optimal conditions in order to allow the analysis of your technique.

The sending of the file will be made via an Internet file transfert service (eg: Dropbox, wetransfer, sendbox)

DIETETICS: ProEliteRunner will send you a file in which you will only have to note your entire nutritional contributions over a week.

VIDEO: After a thorough analysis, ProEliteRunner will send back to you your video with explanations, advices and educational which will help you to improve your technique in order to optimize your performances.

DIETETICS: ProEliteRunner will proceed to a thorough analysis of your food habits. We shall propose you then a plan which will allow you to optimize your nutritional contributions according to your rhythm of life and your needs. It will help you to avoid any nutritional deficiency linked to your sports activity and to improve your performances.

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Coaching triathlon running

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